Utility Billings


Standard Billing
Residential customers and the majority of commercial customers are billed quarterly for all usage incurred in the billing period. Some larger commercial customers are billed monthly for usage during the billing period.

• Pre-Authorized Payment  (PAP)
• Monthly Payment Plan (PAP)
• Telephone and Internet Banking
• Banks or Other Financial Institutions
• By Mail
• In person at municipal office

Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP)
Print the Pre-Authorized Payment Form and include a void cheque when you return the completed form. Your quarterly utility bill will be debited out of your account on the due date (or the last business day of the month). Avoid late payment charges, save on postage and mailing costs, and free yourself from the inconvenience of writing cheques and keeping track of due dates.

Pre-Authorized Payment Form

Monthly Payment Plan (PAP)
Eliminate large seasonal bills by opting for the Pre-Authorized Payment Budget Monthly Plan (PAP). You pay a predetermined fixed monthly amount, based on your monthly average. The monthly amount should be reviewed on a periodic basis by the customer to ensure its accuracy. For arrangements or adjustments, please contact the Utility Clerk at (519) 235-0310 ext. 233 or 1-877-204-0747 (toll free from 519 area code).

Telephone and Internet Banking
Contact your financial institution to set up telephone and/or internet banking. When setting us up as one of your payees, use the eight-digit Customer Number found on the front page of your bill. Please note that the bank may not process your payment if you insert the "decimal point" that is contained in your eight-digit Customer number.

Banks or Other Financial Institutions
Take your bill to a teller at your bank or financial institution, or submit the top portion of your bill when paying through an ATM. To ensure sufficient processing time, please note that payments made at banks or other financial institutions should be made five business days prior to the Due Date noted on your bill.

Pay By Mail
Municipality of South Huron
322 Main Street South.
PO Box 759
Exeter, Ontario  N0M 1S6

Please return the top portion of your bill with your payment.

Disconnection Notice
A notice of disconnection will be sent out to inform the customer that payment on the account has not been received, which could result in the water being turned off. 
After the water has been turned off for non-payment, payment must be made in full, which will include an administrative fee, before the water will be turned back on. Payment is to be made in person at the municipal office (322 Main St. Exeter) in the form of cash, certified cheque, or money order.