Site Plan Approval

Site plan approval is completed prior to a building permit being issued. It is an interactive process involving both the property owner and municipal staff to match the property owner's requirements with the unique characteristics of the property and municipal development standards. Site plan approval is authorized under Section 41 of the Planning Act and implemented through South Huron's site plan control by-law.

The following types of development are subject to the site plan approval:

  • commercial, institutional, and industrial development
  • parking lots with 5 or more parking spaces
  • medium and high density residential development
  • mobile home developments and recreational trailer parks
  • agricultural commercial/industrial, and large livestock facilities (>450 nutrient units)
  • commercial-scale greenhouse operations on a site greater than 4 hectares
  • development in greenbelt, natural environment, and extractive areas
  • commercial-scale wind facilities

Please note that some developments may be exempt from site plan control and not all types of development will require the same level of detail for approval. Site plan control is under the discretion of the Manager of Building & Development/Chief Building Official.

Pre-Consultation Meeting Request Form
Pre-Consultation By-law
Site Plan Approval Application Form
Site Plan Approval Guidelines
Universal Design and Accessibility Site Plan Guidelines