Official Plan

South Huron's Official Plan describes the goals, objectives, and policies for long and short-term development within its communities. It deals with issues such as what services (ie. sewers, watermains, and roads) will be needed, and where new housing, commercial areas, hospitals, and other land uses will be located.

The South Huron Official Plan came into effect on February 26, 2014. The Plan is the result of the South Huron Official Plan Review process.

South Huron Official Plan - Text (PDF)

South Huron Official Plan - Maps, Schedules and Appendices (PDF)

In any situation where the printed official plan maps or text document of the Municipality of South Huron differs from electronic versions contained in this website, the official printed publications take precedence. Users of this electronic information should verify it with the printed official information before acting on it. Official versions of all official plan maps and related information can be obtained from South Huron.