Lottery Licences

Lottery Licences

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario provides that only non-profit charitable groups may be eligible to obtain lottery licences.  To be eligible to obtain a lottery licence, an organization must first have charitable purposes and objects that fall within one of the four classifications of charitability:

  1. The Relief of Poverty

  2. The Advancement of Education

  3. The Advancement of Religion

  4. Other Charitable Purposes Beneficial to the Community that do not fall under a, b or c

Charitable Organizations Deemed Eligible to Conduct Lotteries

Eligibility Questionnaire

If the Organization is deemed eligible to obtain lottery licences under the requirements, the organization is required to open a Lottery Trust Bank Account.  All money generated through the lottery is to be deposited into the lottery trust bank account and only approved expenditures may use funds from the lottery account.

Important Notes about the Lottery Trust Account

  1. Two Signing Officers must sign all disbursement cheques from the lottery trust account.

  2. Any and all disbursements from the lottery trust account must be by cheque. Withdrawing money and paying for expenses with cash is not acceptable.

  3. Accounts cannot be co-mingled. For example, money cannot be withdrawn from the general account and deposited in the lottery trust account.

Obtaining a Lottery Licence

Once the lottery trust bank account has been opened and a copy of the account information has been submitted to the Clerks department, an application to conduct a lottery may be completed.  Applications are available online or in the Clerks Office.

Application Checklist


For more information please contact the Clerks office directly at 519-235-0310            


Download provincial Terms and Conditions and forms at the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) website.

A municipality may issue licences to conduct the following lottery events: