The Public Fundraising for Future Municipal Assets Policy (PDF) is intended to provide open 
communication enabling adequate planning between Municipal staff, Council and fundraisers. 
Through community fund-raising efforts, capital projects can move forward and become a 
reality, with appropriate planning to partner resources available to accomplish and maintain 
these improvements. 

Council and staff want to encourage and support community groups, clubs, associations and individuals in fund-raising efforts and/or donations. It is however important that processes and guidelines are in place allowing for proper planning, growth and future development of, and on, municipal property. 

Community development and partnerships are encouraged and appreciated. As we are all aware, there are limited Municipal funds available for capital projects and the ongoing maintenance and replacement of new or replaced assets. 

In future, we ask that a written proposal detailing your project be completed prior to October 1 of each year, allowing adequate time to review your proposal and seek Council support and direction. After Council endorsement, this process will ensure that the project is included in the budget process for consideration, allowing the project to commence. 

On behalf of the Municipality of South Huron Council and staff, we salute the efforts of the community groups and sincerely appreciate all that they do towards the growth, development and betterment of our community. 

Should you have any questions regarding The Public Fundraising for Future Municipal Assets Policy please contact staff at the South Huron Parks & Recreation Department at 519.235.2833. 

Working together, we can grow a strong South Huron!