Financial Services

Financial Management

The Financial Services Department provides effective and reliable financial advice, services and information to Council, staff and the public.

The Financial Services Department oversees the expenditure of funds through the annual budget process. Financial functions also include accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, utility and property tax billing, information and tax certificates.

The Financial Services department works in collaboration with the other departments to ensure fiscal responsibility of the municipality's operations and assets.

In addition, it is responsible for policy recommendations on finance and related issues to the Chief Administrative Officer and Council.

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The Financial Services Department coordinates the preparation and presentation of the annual budgets.

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Property Tax Information

Property taxes are payable four times per year in the Municipality of South Huron. The annual due dates are the 15th day of March, June, September and November.  Although there are four installments per year, tax bills are issued only twice per year.  Interim Tax Notices are mailed out the latter part of February, and include the March and June installments, while Final Tax Notices are mailed the latter part of August, and include the September and November installments. Tax arrears are subject to a penalty charge of 1.25% on the first day of default, as well as 1.25% on the first day of each month thereafter.

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Change of Ownership or Address Information

If the property has changed ownership, please forward the tax bill to your lawyer to pass along to the new owner or return it to the Tax Office. To prevent misdirected tax bills, please advise the Tax Office in writing of mailing address changes.  Failure to redirect tax bills could still result in penalty and interest charges applied to accounts.

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Development Charges

The Development Charges Act, section 43, states that the Treasurer shall provide an annual financial statement relating to development charges funds and that such statement shall be made available to the public.  Click here for a copy of the 2016 Development Charges Reserve Fund Annual Statement.  A hard copy will be provided at no charge upon a request to the Treasurer.

Sale of Surplus Municipal Items

The Municipality of South Huron sells surplus municipal items and equipment online via  GovDeals is devoted solely to municipal, regional, county and provincial client sellers and handles all types of surplus assets from office equipment to snowplows.  It provides an arms-length venue for the sale of municipal items, providing the public with access to items for sale in a public, open format.

Council Expenses

The Municipal Act 2001, Section 284, requires that the Treasurer report to Council an itemized statement on the remuneration and expenses for Members of Council on or before March 31 of the previous year.

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Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act

2016 Record of Employees' Salaries and Benefits