Environmental Services

Water and Wastewater

The mandate of the Environmental Services Department is to deliver clean, safe and reliable drinking water that enhances the quality of life of our residents and businesses.  The Municipality of South Huron is committed to ensuring financially and environmentally sustainable water services for today’s residents and future generations.

The Department is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the municipality’s water distribution system, including water booster pumping stations, reservoirs and elevated water towers. The Department is also responsible for the enforcement of the Municipality’s Water Use By-Laws and Regulations.  Each year, the Environmental Services Department tests thousands of water samples to ensure that South Huron's drinking water is safe and aesthetically pleasing.  Hundreds of tests are conducted to make sure our drinking water surpasses health-related guidelines.

South Huron is fortunate to have a plentiful supply of high quality source water from the Lake Huron Primary Water Supply System.  The Lake Huron Primary Water Supply System (LHPWSS) is owned by the member municipalities, included the Municipality of South Huron, and provides water to over 350,000 people in the region.  The LHPWSS water treatment plant is located in South Huron, on the Lake Huron shoreline, near the intersection of Highway #21 and County Road #83. Water is treated in this state-of-the-art facility before being distributed throughout the municipality.

We are proud to deliver tap water to our customers homes and businesses that exceeds Ontario`s Drinking Water Quality Standards. We maintain a modern, sophisticated water system to ensure that all residents can rely on the water supply.  Clean, safe drinking water plays a fundamental role in helping to maintain the quality of our lives.

Mollard Line Forcemain Assessment and Preliminary Design

Lake Huron Primary Water Supply System Board





Waste Management

The Municipality uses the services of Bluewater Recycling Association to provide waste management.  In addition, the Municipality operates an independent landfall to provide residents with an alternate option for larger items for waste.

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MacNaughton Park Dam

MacNaughton Park Dam Safety Assessment