Door-to-door Sales: What Consumers Need to Know

Door-to-door Sales: What Consumers Need to Know

The Municipality of South Huron would like to remind residents that while many people who come to your door offering goods and services, are legitimate, you should always be diligent before making a purchase. Know your rights when you sign a contract at your door.

Before you hear a sales pitch

When you open your door to a salesperson, remember:

  • ask for photo ID and get the name of the person and the business
  • never share personal information (For example, an electricity or gas bill)
  • if you ask a salesperson to leave, they must leave right away. If you feel unsafe, call local police
  • look at the company name on the salesperson’s business card and promotional material and see if it matches the company name on the proposed contract
  • do not rely on a salesperson’s opinion that your water heater is unsafe or should be replaced
  • local utility companies, municipalities, government agencies or regulatory organizations don’t send salespeople door-to-door 
  • you do not have to sign a contract at that time

Always know who you’re doing business with.           

  • Be wary of high pressure sales tactics and “limited time only” signing incentives.   A good company will be willing to give you time to make up your mind. 
  • Go online and look for customer reviews. A reputable company will be registered with the Better Business Bureau and be able to give you strong references. 

Know the term of a contract before you sign.

Read a contract carefully and know your rights under the Consumer Protection Act.

Ask these questions before you sign any door-to-door contract. 

  • how long is the contract for?
  • will the business automatically renew your contract without your consent? For example, does it say “without your prior consent”?
  • when and how can you get out of the contract?
  • are there any cancellation fees or other added costs?

Having second thoughts? Know your rights.

  • The Ontario Consumer Protection Act gives you special rights when you buy something in your home. For example, you have 10 days to cancel a contract for whatever reason. For more information about your rights, visit the Ministry of Consumer Services website or contact the ministry directly at 1-800-889-9768.