By-laws are a reflection of our community standards and help to ensure a safe and enjoyable Municipality. South Huron's vision is to be a vibrant, safe and attractive community of opportunity where efficient services make it possible for families, individuals and business to grow, prosper and enjoy a high quality of life.

By-Law Index by Year

Most Referenced By-Laws:

Appointment By-Law 6-2018                                                                                Animal Control By-Law - 21-2018
Burning By-Law 51-2008
Clean Roadway By-law 46-2002
Development Charges By-Law 20-2015
Emergency Management By-Law 39-2005
Fence By-Law 51-2005
Fireworks By-Law 37-2004
General Fees By-Law 34-2015   Amended August 21.17  46-2017  Amended by Resolution #541-2017
Keeping of Animals By-Law 29-2014
Licensing By-Law 67-2004
Noise By-Law 30-2006
Notice By-Law 20-2003
Operation of Off-Road Vehicles By-law 55-2004
Parking By-law 47-2001
Procedural By-Law 79-2015 (amended December 18, 2017)
Procurement By-Law 33-2017
Property Standards By-law 41-2002
Records Retention By-law 61-2015
Retail Business Opening on Holidays By-law 62-2004
Nutrient Management By-Law 25-2004
Skateboarding By-Law 68-2002
Sign By-Law 73-2007
Snow By-Law 3-2004
Snowmobile By-Law 66-2009
Swimming Pool Fence By-Law 24-2004
Waste Management By-Law 23-2016                                                                      

Water By-Law 56-2014
Water and Wastewater Charges By-Law 14-2015

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