Animal Control & Licensing

Animal Control ensures a safe and healthy environment for both residents and animals in our municipality.

South Huron enforces the following animal control by-laws:

  •  Animal Control By-Law, click here 21-2018 , Short Word Offences-Part I Provincial Offences Act and set fines, click here.
  •  Domestic Birds, Animals and Exotic Animals By-Law, click here 29-2014


All dogs in South Huron must be licenced each year and must wear their dog tag at all times.   All Dog Owners must keep their dogs on a leash and abide by "poop and scoop" regulations.

Who do I report lost or found dogs to?

If your dog roams from home, call the local vets to see whether a dog has been dropped off

  • South Huron Veterinary Clinic, Zurich: 519-236-4301
  • Exeter Animal Hospital, Exeter:  519-235-2662
  • Thames Road Vet Clinic, Exeter: 519-235-001
  • Kirkton Vet Clinic, Kirkton: 519-229-8911

What else can I do?

  • Check with your neighbours to see if they have seen your dog
  • Call the municipal office to see if your dog has been reported and send photo and information to post on municipal facebook and twitter
  • Post on your own facebook and other social media forums
  • If your dog is micro-chipped, verify your contact information with the microchip company
  • Post flyers in your neighbourhood


Cat owners have a responsibility to keep their cat on their property, using a leash or harness if necessary. Owners are responsible to vaccinate and neuter or spay their cat to prevent attracting stray cats to the area.  Follow the link for some tips for being a Responsible Cat Ownership and Information on Feral and Stray Cats.

Who do I Call for:

  • Sick or injured wildlife: Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry – Southern Region Phone: 519-826-4955
  • Dead animal on municipal streets or municipal property: South Huron Municipal Office: 519-235-0310 ex. 230
  • Dog Control offences ex. barking dogs: South Huron Municipal Office: Phone: 519-235-0310 ex. 227

Wildlife Concerns

Our Municipal Animal Control Officer does not provide a service to deal with, or remove, nuisance or injured wildlife on private property. Calling Police about non-emergency wildlife issues can take them away from dealing with other important emergencies. 

Information on Rabies in Ontario - follow this link for information on when and how to report a potential rabies exposure.